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Sports Writing & Broadcasting

Sports Writing & Broadcasting

Sports Writing & Broadcasting


Our BA (Hons) in Sports Journalism is designed to give you the best possible chance of succeeding in your chosen career. We will introduce you to the basic and advanced skills of a fast growing and exciting profession.

Throughout, our aim is to your help you realise your ambition of a career as a sports journalists.

  • Be taught by a teaching team with professional and academic backgrounds in print and sports broadcasting.
  • Work in newly upgraded, state of the art, industry specification technical facilities.
  • Enjoy a lively learning experience, including a work placement in sports journalism.

The BA (Hons) Professional Sports Writing and Broadcasting course is unique and the first of its kind ever in this country specifically designed for professional footballers. It now sits proudly alongside other PFA first degree courses such as Physiotherapy, Sports Science and Business. It is the latest in a series of measures from the PFA to look after its members and prepare them for future, alternative careers after football.

The course is run over a two year period and the players are required to attend two afternoons and evenings a week to fit in with the players’ training schedule. During the close season they will attend full time and they also have to do a number of placements outside the University in media organisations of their choice. As well as getting a solid grounding in print, radio and TV the players also have to undertake law and shorthand.

Staffordshire University is the ideal place to do this as it boasts the best media facilities within higher education. You will work in our state of the art facilities in which contain a print newsroom with live press association feeds and MAC G5 computers and multi and single TV studios.

As well as giving you all the practical skills needed we will equip you with a wide intellectual foundation to help bring authority and deeper understanding to your sports reporting.

The course was developed by former professional footballer Lawrie Madden and is headed up by professional sports journalist and PR practitioner, Ian Bayley. Madden said: “There are two types of experience. One is to go through the experience yourself and the other is too pass it on from one person to another. Most journalists have not been through the experience themselves and try and capture that for the public. Here we have players who have gone through these experiences and will hopefully be able to give a different perspective.” So next time you are reading a newspaper, listening to the radio or watching TV, pay attention to the journalist. It may well be a member from the PFA.

Find out more about the course at Staffordshire University: Click here

Further information contact Ian Bayley

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